In diversity lies strength, they say. Anchal and Rahul, founders of The Design Avenue (TDA) proves – in diversity and passion lies success. Anchal Saraf is a Product Designer and a CA bringing her creative and financial side to the table, while Rahul Devnani, with his International MBA, has a strong foundation in marketing. Together, they are not only business partners making compelling leaders but have also leaped towards being a power couple.

Happy Faces At The Design Avenue

Anchal and Rahul are non-believers of the number game, for them, it’s deceiving, and well, rightly so. Initiated as the ‘Shehnai Exhibition’, they were limited to wedding shopping and soon decided to add grandeur to their shows by naming it ‘The Design Avenue’ and included wedding, contemporary, and lifestyle shopping, all under one show. With 3 years in the industry and the power of 7 events, TDA has successfully created a lasting impression on its participants and attendees.

TDA’s vision is to be more than an exhibition and with an engaging, in show strategy, they prove otherwise. Anchal shares, “We as organisers, make sure to provide them (our participants) with the maximum exposure of the city for which we have certain supportive activities like fashion walk arrangements (for On-show promotions), TDA’s insider team guiding the crowd towards fashion shows, collaborations and our show partners. So, with these parallel activities going on, one can see TDA as a platform that is into something more than just a usual exhibition.”

TDA’s long-term goal is in alignment with what they already excel in – handpicked curation. Rahul and Anchal have clear goals, and in their words, “We aim to increase the level of our show with each passing year in a bigger space, with elite brands and well-curated designers. We do not wish to increase the number of our exhibitors, but strive to give our walk-ins the best in each category”

Amid CoVid19 crises, Anchal and Rahul are positive and trust that in a market this, both designers and consumers fight back, and they shall this time too.


“We rise by lifting others” for some this may be a quote, but for Mrs. Seema Jain, the founder of Crescent Moon, it is a way of life. A leader by nature, Mrs. Jain started her journey by heading a women’s welfare association in South Mumbai, and later augmented her passion for events and empowering women by announcing the birth of Crescent Moon. While framing her idea to words, she said, “Crescent Moon started in 2007 with a vision to empower upcoming women entrepreneurs and to further promote women who needed a platform to rise in the retail industry.”

Crescent moon sweeps both, its exhibitors and clients of their feet, by surpassing its records with each passing event. Their commitment to uncloak new women entrepreneurs from across India makes them one of the most unique and loved events in Mumbai. In the race to find the right exhibitor, Mrs. Jain has a distinct goal, “Our USP has been to scout for fresh and talented women who need a platform to market their product/ services.”

With 13 years in the industry and 25 events of know-how, Crescent moon is impeccably feeding women entrepreneurs with confidence and encouraging them to endeavour the path they choose to follow. In our attempt to gain insight, Mrs. Jain shares, “We put great value to the investment that the exhibitor is putting in the exhibition. We curate the exhibition with this in mind, which enables us to provide each exhibitor an optimal experience and niche audience.”

The debate between offline and digital marketing has no end, however, in the world of going digital, the impact of physical touch cannot be underrated. Mrs. Jain believes, “Exhibitions are a great way to advertise & promote as you can Create a positive retail customer experience with sensory marketing, by nurturing the emotions of shoppers. The ambiance and physical layout can greatly affect a customer’s perception of the shopping experience.”

Amid CoVid19 crisis, they observe a toll on all businesses at a global level and across all sectors. Small businesses, with aggressive marketing and advertising strategy, shall make it through the tough times. Post the current situation, exhibitions will fast-track economic recovery and deliver the best return of investment.


It is not a secret that a dedicated woman can change the world and if you know about Bridal Asia, you already know who I am talking about, none other than, Mrs. Divya Gurwara, the spine of Bridal Asia who with her revolutionary concept, gave the Indian wedding industry a 360-degree spin. Her interest in fashion, luscious taste in jewellery, knowledge in gemology, and captivating personality makes Bridal Asia outshine today. 

Mrs. Divya Gurwara – Founder, Bridal Asia

Challenges are a part of life and are leveled up when you’re trying to change mindsets. The COO of Bridal Asia, Dhruv Gurwara shares, “The concept was to look at something bridal and get designers and jewellers from across the country. It induced in 1997, and in 1999 the first show was launched. First 2 years, we were trying to convince people that something like that would work, and they should participate. Our first show was called ‘Bridal 99’. As we got a great response and had designers from across the world, we then named it ‘Bridal Asia’.”

Bridal Asia – Mumbai

More than 40 exhibitions strong Bridal Asia capitalises on exclusivity and brand value. They maintain a detailed curation process, as Dhruv states, “We go through their collection and personally see the quality of work, and that is the kind of trust our clients have because they know that we’ve done the background check. We maintain a good mix of designers, from high-end designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Monisha Jaisingh, to very well-known designers like Riddhi Mehra, Anushree Reddy and we try to have a mix of new talent. At the end of the day, conversions matter.”

For an emerging brand in the space of fashion, it can be confusing to choose the right exhibitions, to do so, Dhruv suggests, “The number one way is, word of mouth, you speak to an already participating person or maybe 4-5 participants to get a better idea. Other than that, you have to speak to the brand representative and understand their philosophy and their thinking, and if it matches yours, then I think you can go for it. It’s about having confidence in that person. If it’s a new one, you have to gauge for yourself and see if their values and thought process are in line with yours.

Amid CoVid19 crisis, Dhruv believes that digital is a temporary solution, and eventually, people would want to get out. With limited social gatherings and virtual weddings being the new normal, wedding images will be the talk of the town more than ever before.


It takes a creative thinker and a courageous executor to achieve and make it at the top of the table. Mudita Jaipuria, the founder of Warehouse, is a visionary and a doer. She instills her belief solemnly in HARD WORK and that there is no substitute for that.

The idea of Warehouse was outset in 2015 and has accomplished more than 25 events, as she shares, “Warehouse came into being after my trips to Europe. Wherever one traveled in Europe, one would happen to visit these insane outlet malls wherein one could get their hands on a quality merchandise without burning a hole in one’s pocket.”

Warehouse Sale By Mudita, Mumbai

Exhibitions, shows & pop-ups events are a culture that we all love. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she has successfully set a benchmark by making quality merchandise available at the coolest prices.

Curation is queen, and at Warehouse crown needs to be earned. “One needs to be a registered fashion week designer and a registered company. Besides that, I would never exhibit a product or brand that I don’t believe in,” she said.

Consistency is the foundation of trust, and over 5 years of Warehouse and 15 years of being in the industry, she has built that. As she shares, “We have been working with the same people and the same brands. This shows the belief system and the loyalty that Warehouse offers. It’s trust and relationships v/s money.

The future of Warehouse is digital and world domination, to which the journey has already begun. Www.warehousebymudita.com went live on 24th May 2020 and is as peerless as the off-line shows. The aim is to replicate the Warehouse experience with digital tweaks and deliver globally. In her words, she describes, “The idea is to offer the same deals to a larger audience in the comfort and safety of their homes. Each brand is showcased in a carousel format, for example, one gets deals with brand A for 48 hours, and then brand B goes up and brand A goes down, so on and so forth.”

Amid the CoVid19 crisis, Mudita believes we are all in uncharted waters and entrepreneurs are taking each day, one day at a time. That goes to say the current time is for introspection and analysis, and to move forward.


“If you never go, you never know.”

Founder – Uzma Poonawalla

Uzma Poonawalla, the founder at Cherry Crush, took the road less traveled. She has been breaking norms with her ideas and her execution. Decoding some of her secrets to success, we begin with where it all started.

As irony has it, staycations sometimes make up for the most successful ideas and Uzma would very well resonate with it, “Cherry Crush thought, was incepted while I was on a  staycation in Miami. I entered a flea market and liked a pair of earrings for 1800 dollars, which at that point I couldn’t afford, and that is when I decided on doing high-end exhibitions in Pune. When I started it, I wanted something that would be easy to remember and would reflect my persona.”

OOT or Digital? We asked, with her lack of belief in advertisements, she had other plans. Uzma set high standards for her exhibitions by curating attractive personal invites and mesmerizing décor. Her uniquely simple idea solved a complex problem – getting the right audience, and exhibitors for all her shows. Her idea worked so well, that she is now celebrating 10 years of Cherry Crush and plans to spread her wings PAN India.

Quality over quantity is a motto many strive to live by, but only a few thrive. Uzma mastered the art of keeping it all in control, and shares the secret of her success, “I ensure my exhibition date is correctly chosen and can get maximum walk-ins. I generally limit to only 50 designers, so most of them have after-sales, and they wait to come back to my show.”

In the times of the CoVid19 crisis, she feels taken aback and is waiting for the industry and the shoppers to step up their games all over again.


Founders of Wedding Asia, Mr. & Mrs. Sethi at a show.

Founded by a strikingly attractive woman with a charming personality & a mother of two, Anupreet Sethi, and the master of resilience and perseverance, a prominent name in the fashion event industry, Maninder Sethi; the power couple, has spent 14 years in the industry and are 78 events strong, Wedding Asia has been winning hearts in India and aims to be a global leader in the coming years.

With their USP to ‘Pamper the Bride’ and emotionally investing themselves in the journey pushes them to go the extra mile to fulfill all what the audience needs.

While organisers are struggling to fill up spaces, Wedding Asia has a different look at it, they don’t see it as a challenge, the Sethi’s believe, “The challenge is not to bring the exhibitor on board, the real challenge is to bring the right one. We don’t sell space, we curate the event for our audience ‘The Bride’s & Groom’s to be’. Finding the right things and the right set of exhibitors is the biggest effort”, and we couldn’t agree more, especially, in a country like India, where culture changes every 200km.

Marketing and sales are two different departments and should be dealt with differently. Exhibitions are a marketing platform, while sales are an added value. As Mrs. Anupreet Sethi states, “Wedding Asia is the platform to build a relationship with a filtered target audience. When you are acquainted with your customer, business is bound to happen.”

We see how exhibitions are increasing and footfalls are decreasing. Wedding Asia has a unique solution to the problem and is getting them closer to what personalisation looks like, as Maninder Sethi shares, “We are going selective now. Events should have the right audience, not the crowd or footfall. Wedding Asia is going to be by ‘invitation only’ event.” With over 10,000 clients, it sure is a good idea and is also their way of showing their passion for what they curate.

In the times of CoVid19, Wedding Asia is optimistic and believes, the fear is temporary and the industry to rise and shine stronger than before.

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“Just Do It” as Nike rightly keeps the world motivated by a phrase, here I am Just Doing It.

We’re soon to be family and before we start bonding, I’m here to say “HELLO”.

Hello, my name is Divya Jain, a Fashion Business Manager and a certified Counselor. I’ve been a part of the fashion industry since 2014 and have been observing the industry ever since then. My forte is fashion, lifestyle, weddings and exhibitions, so if you’re an entrepreneur serving fashion or someone who is inclined towards it, we’re meant to click.

I’ve always been so fascinated by fashion, weddings and exhibitions, for me it’s just a Happy Place and there’s no other way to express it! So much so, that I actually visit all events only to observe them.

Well, obviously, those observations mean a lot more than the feels and that’s exactly why I make it to the space of blogging. After being the most informed person (most of the times) among friends and family, it motivated me to further take up a step and share the knowledge to a larger set of audience who probably don’t have a friend like me, yet.

I never imagined, how what you love becomes what you do but now I guess trusting the journey irrespective of the fall-backs is all it takes.

Surely, easily said than done and it’s definitely worth all the efforts over the feeling of regret to not have tried at all.

Sometimes, looking back is the biggest motivation to move forward.

So here’s me, Divya Jain, looking back – just to move forward !

Journeys , experiences, fall-outs and success stories are always worth sharing. That’s a little about mine, what’s yours?

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